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    Basic Truth Series

    This is an in depth course based on Biblical truths that helps a person to better understand  the plan God has for mankind from the Garden to the Fall and after the resurrection of Jesus. It also delves into the plan of our adversary satan to try to stop us from our destiny's and what we can do about his plan. The course helps a person to understand how satan set us all up from childhood to believe lies about ourselves. These lies are the cause of why our lives are so difficult. Lies affect every area of our lives and cause us to live a painful existence. However using the truths found in this course we can become more the people we were created to be and live the abundant life that Jesus promised us Spirit, Soul, Body, Relationally and financially with more peace, joy and satisfaction. To view the course outline click here. 36 Audios
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    Being a Bondservent

    In this series there is an in depth teaching on what it means to be a bondservant especially what it means to be a bondservant to Christ like Peter, James and Paul were. Bondservants give up their rights because they believe that they can do no better in their lives than be a servant to the master. This series discusses what a bondservant to Jesus would do in that position. To see the list of subjects discussed in this series click here. 8 Audios
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    Fear and Pain

    Before the Fall, God and Adam had a perfect relationship. After the Fall Genesis 3:10 tells us that Adam was afraid so he hid from God. He was never afraid before but after he disobeyed God he was afraid of punishment. When he lost his perfect relationship with God it caused great pain because it was as If God had died. We were not created by God to ever experience pain so we don’t handle physical or emotional pain well. Satan sets us up to get pain from our parents as children because he knows that we won’t trust parents who bring us pain. He uses pain to keep us in fear of more pain and by doing this he influences our lives and we are not able to trust God. This 16 part audio Teaching Series helps a person to better understand the power of pain to bring cause us to live in fear and shame and how it affects every area of our lives. To see the subjects discussed click here. 14 Audios
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    Financial Wisdom

    Do you have enough money to pay your bills and do things for yourself and for your family that you would like to do? If your answer is no then you will profit from having this audio series because you will get financial wisdom from this teaching. The Bible has many things to say about giving. In all of the statements about giving, it always says when you give you will receive more than you give, The understanding is that you cannot out give God. We need to give from our heart of gratitude and giving money is a way to thank God for all that He has provided for us. The way to be trusted by God in having more money is to be a steward not an owner of your money so that you will not want money for the wrong reason thereby serving Mammon instead of God. We don't need to worry about having enough money when we realize he feeds the birds. We do need to believe God will take care of us. To view the subjects discussed in this series click here. 5 Audios
  • Rosalinda has been a trained herbalist for over 20 years. She is also a Naturopathic Doctor and a Certified Natural Health Professional. During this time she gave seminars and helped people with health issues to regain their health using only herbs and natural products. Her health ministry is based on Psalm 104:14 which says that God made the herbs to heal our bodies. In order to help her assess a person’s health she uses a heath assessment questionnaire. Rosalinda’s Health Analysis consists of 46 questions that when answered honestly will be the foundation of Rosalinda’s understanding of your health problems. She also needs to ask questions of each person seeking to have better health naturally. If you would like Rosalinda to e-mail you her Health Analysis please give us your e-mail and ask for Rosalinda’s Health Analysis to be sent to you.
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    Heirs and Slaves

    This series is based on Galatians 4:1-2. It explains how when we become born again we are like children even though we are Heirs of everything God has because we are a part of His Family. But God our Father does not want us to remain as children who do not grow up. If we do not become more spiritually and emotionally mature then we are no different than slaves because we are so immature and have to be under the training of another person. To view subjects discussed in this series click here. 4 Audios
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    Power of Shame

    There is a very real difference between guilt and shame. Guilt involves the awareness of having done something wrong. Shame on the other hand is the awareness that I am wrong, defective, marred and unworthy. Adam and Eve felt shame after they disobeyed God. In Gen 3:7 they felt shame because they were naked so they covered themselves and hid. When we at our core believe that we are defective as a human being shame is the root cause of this belief. The Shame Teaching Series with 12 audio sessions goes into great depth to help each person to better understand the debilitating power of shame. 12 Audios
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    This audio course, 25 sessions long, is one of the most in depth teachings on the different aspects of relationships that I have ever found. I hope that you will find the information that is in this course extremely enlightening and helpful. This course delves into the reality of what lack of attachment means and how each of us are affected for the rest of our lives when our parents don’t properly attach with us. In fact the lack of proper attachment will determine for a very large part who we marry, the kind of job we do and how successful we will be in all of our relationships and raising children. I also teach from personal experience and my research about the need for personal boundaries and co-dependency in our relationships and why it is so hard for all of us to have inner contentment. This course will not only bring new light to problems in relationships it will provide solutions and answers of what you can do to have much more successful relationships. To view the subjects discussed in this series click here. 25 Audios
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    To view the subjects they discuss click here. 22 Audios
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    This teaching series is based on Roman 12: 6-8 which lists the 7 spiritual gifts given to us from God. They are also called motivational gifts because these gifts are the real reason why we do so many things that we do in every area of our lives. These gifts are Prophesy, Service Teacher, Exhorter, Giver, Administration and Mercy. These teachings will help any Christian to know what the characteristics are for all of these spiritual gifts. It is so important for us to know what gift we have so we can maximize the gift we have to make a difference in the world in which we live. There is enough information about each gift that after you listen to this series you will have a much better idea of what your spiritual gift is. 5 Audios
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    God has spoken to me many times when I am looking for answers, to go to Genesis where He started it all. In Genesis 1:28 God said to Adam and Eve that they needed to be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the oceans, sky and all of the land. Then when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they gave the dominion they had to satan who then became the God of this world. satan told Jesus in the wilderness when he tempted Jesus that he (satan) had been given all of the kingdoms of the earth and their glory for they have been given to me. Mk 4:5-7. God had a plan and this teaching series will help you know what God’s plan was and is even today. 4 Audios
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    Since the beginning of time men have desired to know what women want. Men have often times been consumed with knowing what women want. They think to themselves if I could just know once and for all what my wife or girlfriend really wants my life would be so much better and so much easier. This has been an ongoing quest for men. In fact there was a movie with Mel Gibson titled What Women Want. This in- depth teaching series delves into a much more important question? What is it that every woman really needs not just wants? God created women to need one thing more than any other thing. By the way this course is not just for men to learn what all women need it is also for women to know what God created them to need. Men also want and need the same thing they just don’t know that they do. In this teaching series Pastor Frank Lewis and his lovely wife Rosalinda discuss their marriage relationship with transparency, openness and honesty. To view the subjects they discuss click here. 18 Audios

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