The dictionary defines a testimony as something that serves as evidence or a statement that recommends a person or thing as worthy or desirable. Testimonies must be truthful and believable and the best testimonies are ones that are given by people who have used the product or service or concept. These people then share what their experience has been with the product, service or concept and what their results have been.

Below, you will find 4 video testimonies that are given by people that have been a part of our church for a number of years. Each of them shares from their heart what their experience has been while they have been at JoyStones. They are also share how their lives have changed dramatically because they have participated over time in the Re-Parenting Process.

There is also a video testimony from Pastor Gerardo Arrenado the leader of the Spanish church at Mission Viejo Community Church. He has been using the Re-Parenting Process at his Saturday men’s group. He shares how the Re-Parenting Process has impacted his men’s group and the results that he has had with the group.

I have also included a written e-mail and a poem that Betsy Holritz put together as a thank you for the time my wife Rosalinda and I spent training her and the people in her Bible study how to use the Re-parenting Process in her Bible study groups.

Joy Testimony

Pastor Gerardo Testimony

Betsy Testimony

On Thursday, October 13, 2016 12:27 PM, Betsy Holritz <bholritz@heritagechristianschool.com> wrote:

Hi Frank,

I wanted to thank you and Rosalinda again, for all that you taught us about listening, affirming, and validating people in their distress. I have really used these skills a lot, and found that the Lord has ministered and even healed through them. At first they seem a little forced, but after a little practice it’s amazing how wonderfully the Lord is able to work.

I am grateful for the time and energy you spent on and with us. It is bearing fruit-fruit that will last.

With love and blessings,


Betsy Holritz
Heritage Christian School

Dear Frank and Rosalinda,

We thank you with all of our hearts
You brought so much to us
And taught us to do our part.

To listen, mirror, validate
Love, use I statements, and accept
Not to fix, to be Jesus to each other
And so we became quite adept.

Our time with you was planned
We know that very well
And so we ask God’s blessings on you
As in His love you dwell.