36 Week Basic Truth Series Subjects

1. What Was Godís Plan for Mankind?

2. What Happened After the Fall of Man?

3. Who is the Deceiver?

4. 5 Openings for Satan

5. Work Does Not Have to be Hard

6. What Did Jesus do For Us?

7. What Are the Most Serious Problems for Christian Men and Women?

8. Attachment Pain

9. Trigger Pain

10. Misinterpretations/Lies Cause Spiritual Immaturity

11. Misinterpretations/Lies Cause Emotional Immaturity

12. Misinterpretations/Lies Make Us Fearful & Needy in Relationships

13. Misinterpretations/Lies Make Us Run Our Own Lives

14. Misinterpretations/Lies Make Us People of Little Real Character & Integrity

15. Misinterpretations/ & Pain Cause Us Not to be Able to Have Real Joy

16. Misinterpretations/Lies & Pain Drive Us to Painkillers

Building a Strong Foundation of Understanding

17. 2 Belief Systems

18. The Power of Pain

19. Guidance

20. The Difference Between Good Pain & Bad Pain

21. Is God For Us?

22. Are the 12 Steps the Answer?

23. Is Christian Psychology the Answer?

24. Is Inner Healing the Answer?

25. Is Deliverance the Answer?

Becoming the Men & Women God Created Us to Be

26. Commitment

27. Soul & Character ñ How the Brain Works

28. Soul Work

29. Emotional Growth Work

30. Becoming Spiritually Mature I

31. Becoming Spiritually Mature II

Men and Women Like God

32. Characteristics of a Godly Man or Woman? I Spirit

33. Characteristics of a Godly Man or Woman II Soul

34. Characteristics of a Godly Man or Woman III Body

35. Characteristics of a Godly Man or Woman IIII Relationally

36. Characteristics of a Godly Man or Woman V Financially