When God gave me the revelation of the wheel so that people could see a snapshot of their lives, I saw clearly that God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and God’s Kingdom were represented by the Hub. When we call ourselves Christians because we have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord then God, Jesus and Holy Spirit must be at the center our lives like the hub is at the center of the wheel.

The problem for most Christians is that we have a very difficult time making God the center of our lives because we find it so hard to trust God. I have a video teaching called, Problem Trusting God? that delves deeper into the issue of why we all have a real problem trusting God that you can look at in this section. Also in this section I have two very important videos that address prayer and hearing God called Pray Effective Prayers and How to Hear God Speak to You.


It is so important to trust God so why is it so hard for all of us to trust Him? It is because God is the ultimate authority in the universe and we have a very difficult time trusting authority. As babies, infants and young children we were totally dependent on our parents for our survival. If our father or mother was the cause of pain in childhood, then as children we could not trust them. We couldn’t trust them because they hurt us physically or emotionally due to their own unresolved emotional issues that came from how they were raised. As young children, we couldn’t understand why they traumatized us in one form or another.

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Problem Trusting God?


I want to talk about how many people have a problem trusting God. Really when we get right down to it, it’s sometimes very hard to trust God and there are reasons for that. I found in the work that I do that most people have a very difficult time trusting God, and it’s because of the fact that they have had problems that they really may not even know about. They may not even remember, problems are from childhood. Issues that happened with parents. Read More

How to Hear God


I know this subject will be important to you. How many of you really, want to hear from God? You’ve heard that he speaks in an audible voice. You’ve heard he still speaks as still small voice. You have heard many times, I’m sure, or maybe you haven’t heard that Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice.” We know that God wants to speak to us. Read More

Pray Effective Prayers


How would you like to get every prayer you pray answered? That’s a good goal. I’m going to talk to you for about 10 to 12 minutes about getting every prayer answered. There’s reasons why prayers aren’t answered. You may even upset with God because God didn’t answer your prayers. I’m going to tell you today why he may not have answered your prayers, but maybe he can’t answer your prayers right now because you’re not ready for the answer. I’ve experienced that myself. I’m going tell you today how to get every prayer answered, how to pray effectively. Read More