Soul Redemption®

Soul Redemption® is a plan of Jesus to take what people believe about themselves that is untrue and change the lies we believe to His truth for us. The change that is made by Jesus showing us His truth for us is permanent. Once the lie has been changed it is changed forever. That is good news. No actually, it is great news because the lies we believe cause us so much pain and suffering. I have a video that further explains Soul Redemption® and another video titled Benefits of Soul Redemption® that outlines the incredible benefits of this amazing process below and a video that explains the Biblical Basis of Soul Redemption®. Soul Redemption® will cause you to be more free from pain and fear so that you can truly be able to love yourself more and more. Then you can love and trust God more and you can have more love for all of the people in your life including your spouse and your children.

Where do these lies that all people believe come from? The lies all human beings believe come from the misinterpretations, false explanations and faulty judgments that the left side of our brain make for everything we ever experience. I have studied brain science and how our brains function for a number of years. Brain scientists tell us that the left side of our brain always makes explanations, interpretations and judgments for every experience we ever have. They also tell us that painful experiences have a much greater impact in our brain circuitry and cause us emotional upset when we experience anything in the present that is remotely similar to the painful experience when we were children.

The very real problem that all people face is that the knowledge of good and evil that came to all of us after the Fall of Adam and Eve, has influence over every explanation, interpretation and judgment made by the left side of our brain.. That means that every explanation, interpretation and judgment that is made about our painful childhood experiences is always wrong and always devalues us. That is why every human being believes lies that cause them to believe that they are not valuable, not important and not worthy. This causes all of us a lot of pain and fear. Because of how God designed our brains a lie cannot be changed by another faulty explanation. It must be changed by a new truthful experience.

I have had personal experience in many Soul Redemption® sessions and in every session Jesus has always changed the lie that I believe to His truth. When He did that for me my value always increased. Also I became instantaneously less fearful and had more peace and joy. I have done enough sessions and Jesus has changed enough lies that I believed to truth that my life has changed so that I am not even close to the same angry, rageful person that I was. You can experience the amazing benefits of Soul Redemption® for yourself. Please look at the videos below and then leave us your e-mail address and tell us you want more information about Soul Redemption®.

Soul Redemption® Explained


I am going to share a subject that is very, very exciting. How would you like to actually experience Jesus coming in to a memory that you had in the past that was very painful, and changing that so that you would end up having a new experience? I’m going to talk about that today, and it’s really going to bless you. It’s blessed a lot of people that I’ve worked with. I’ve actually worked and done close to a thousand sessions with people .

The Lord gave me the name Soul Redemption®. So this is going to be about Soul Redemption®. I trademarked the name because the Lord told me to, and so I’m excited to share it with you today.

Let me define what Soul Redemption® is. Soul Redemption® is a life changing experience where Jesus comes in and changes what we believe about ourselves that’s not true to a new truth, and that’s exciting. I think you’ll agree, that’s really, really exciting. Read More

Benefits of Soul Redemption®


I want to talk about the benefits of Soul Redemption®. Remember, that I said that Soul Rredemption® was a life changing experience, in which Jesus comes in and changes the things we believe about ourselves, lies, to truth. When he does, I’m going to tell you, you’re going to be excited about all the benefits of Soul Redemption®. All the benefits of Jesus changing lies to truth. Aren’t you glad it’s Jesus? It’s not your therapist. It’s not any other way to be able to change what we believe about ourselves it is Jesus.

Now, it’s really important to realize it’s really good and important for a trained facilitator to lead each person through this. I’ve done this close to 1,000 times with people, and I’ve experienced it myself scores of times. I am an expert. I have trained people at our church, because we do this for people. We help them get set free.

I’m going to share with you briefly what happens when we experience Soul Redemption®. You can go to the video tape menu part, which talks more about Soul Redemption®. Read More

Biblical Basis of Soul Redemption®


I want to share with you something that I believe is vitally important to an understanding of Soul Redemption®. Now, remember that Soul Redemption® is something that I have talked to you about before. You can come to the website and find out more about it, but I’m going to talk to you about the Biblical basis of Soul Redemption®.

I would like to start out with a kind of sharing here about the reality of two different models. The one model that I’ve looked at and I’ve chosen is the Tabernacle of Moses and temple that Solomon built in Jerusalem as a model for the Biblical basis of Soul Redemption®. The other one is the one out of Matthew. Let me see, it’s Matthew 7:24-27 where Jesus was talking about a man that built his house on the rock and a man that built his house on the sand. So, those are going to be our two models that we’re going to talk about. One of the things I want you to realize today is that if you have not really looked into the tabernacle and the tent of meeting that Moses was instructed by God to put together in Exodus, starting around Exodus 25 throughout the rest of Exodus, then you really would be well served to Google the Tabernacle.

Find out about all the different parts of the Tabernacle because they all represent the coming Messiah, the coming Jesus, coming and dying on the cross and allowing us to have a great relationship with God and communion, if you will, with God. Read More

Soul Redemption® Testimony Rose

Soul Redemption® Testimony Joy