What is Re-Parenting? It is a structured proven method for people to get to know what they didn’t get as children from their parents.

Behavior Scientists tell us all people must get certain things from their parents in order to have a healthy self image and belief about themselves. If we don’t get what we need as children we will suffer for the rest of our lives with low self esteem and have a very difficult time creating lasting healthy relationships.

What is it that we all need to receive from our parents? Developmental psychologists and experts in child behavior tell us that we all need the following at a minimum. As children we all need to be able to express ourselves verbally. That is as children we must be able to talk about our feelings and emotions. We must also be listened to no matter what we say or how we feel about something. It is not that we are right or wrong about what we are saying, it is just that we are heard. When children are listened to by their parents this builds their value. Parents also must be able to make an emotional connection with their children by reflective listening. That is to say that they tell their children what they heard them say. When we know that we have been heard we make an emotional connection. Then after the emotional connection has been made with their child parents must be able to accept and love their children not for what they do but for who they are and how they feel.

If you are like me and almost all other children you got very little of the things as a child that we were all supposed to get. In fact you probably got what you certainly didn’t want or need. That was to be abused physically, emotionally or sexually or to be not emotionally connected with or outright neglected. When this happens to children they end up with emotional wounds that are very difficult to heal that stay with them for the rest of their lives. My wife and I developed the Re-Parenting method after much prayer to help people to heal emotionally by getting what they didn’t get as children. This process works. We have numerous people that have amazing testimonies that you can see and hear for yourself on the Testimonies page.


I want to share with you today about the reality of re-parenting. I have talked about re-parenting. You’ve probably heard it also from Kevin Hickman, the co-founder of Successful Parenting. If you haven’t seen or gone to the JoyStones website to find out about Successful Parenting and you’re a parent, you’ve got to do that. That is very, very, important.

What I want to talk to you today about is what is Re-Parenting? Why is Re-Parenting so important and what is the church’s role that I see – many others may not see but I see – in Re-Parenting.

Well, what happened to us when we were children is this and it wasn’t our parents’ fault. Let me get that out right up front. It was Satan’s fault. Satan has always been the God of this world. He told Jesus that he could give him the kingdoms of the earth if Jesus would bow down. He couldn’t give them if he didn’t have them. Who gave them to him? Adam. That’s for another time but I just want you to know that Satan can cause people to do things that they may not want to do. Cause emotional triggers. Parents can hurt their kids and feel very bad about it later. But, some of them may not even feel bad. Read More