About the Wheel

As I stated on the homepage, the wheel is really a picture of our lives at any point in time. There are really three very important parts to the wheel, the rim, the hub, and the spoke that connects the rim to the hub.

The rim is the place where we are in control of our own lives. We decide what we should do and we want our lives to be as predictable and certain as we can make them. We don’t llike chaos, and so we often become more rigid, inflexible, and legalistic in our beliefs and judgements.

The hub in this picture is where God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and God’s kingdom operate. At the hub, God is 100% in control, while on the rim we are 100% in control. On the rim we protect ourselves. At the hub God protects us.

The connector from the rim to the hub is the spoke of trust. As we learn to trust God more, we get closer to the hub. What Jesus told us in Matthew 16:24, is that if we lose our lives we will find them. What Jesus says makes sense. If we lose control of our lives we allow God to be in control of our lives. As we give God more and more control, we walk more by the Spirit than our own fleshly desires.

Below you will see the wheel colored in each of the five areas of Spirit, Soul, Body, Finances, and Relationships previously mentioned. When you click any of these 5 areas, that will take you to the page that will give you an overview of that area.

You will see in each of the 4 colored areas we have included three questions or statements that we think will be particularly interesting to you. If you click on a question or statement in the wheel below, that will take you to the video which discusses that question or statement. If you click the Spirit you will find three important videos about life in the Spirit.

Easy Weight Loss? What Are the Best Foods? Want to be Healthy? Body Are You a Good Money Manager? Want to be Debt Free? Have Enough Money? Finances Spirit Do You Feel Valuable? Want Peace & Joy? Love Deprived? Soul Raising Kids… Too Hard? Choosing the Right Mate? Want a Better Marriage? Relationships