Have Enough Money?

Would you like me to do that? I believe you would. Let me tell you what I have learned. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve made millions and I’ve lost millions. I’ve been poor and I’ve been abased as Paul said and I’ve been abounded. I’ve been poor and I’ve been rich. Right now, I’m comfortable so that’s a good place to be.

I really want you to think about this and think about it in such a way as that you will recognize that why do so many people, you want more money. Ask yourself, what’s the motivation? Why do I want more money? What’s behind it? What’s driving my desire to have more money. I know what drove me for years was that I ended up in a situation where I needed money to prove my value, my importance and my worth and I needed to live in a big house, drive a Mercedes and wear the right clothes. Well, that’s what my dad did and that’s how I thought that I needed to do to be loved, accepted and approved. I found out, I lived in a big house, drove a Mercedes, wore the right clothes and you know what? It didn’t cause me to have more love. People didn’t respect me more. I didn’t respect me more. I was still the same insecure, have an inferiority complex, was felt worthless and hated myself.

You know why? Because money is not the issue. The real issue of my life was what I believed about myself and it’s the real issue of your life and you can go look at one of the other videos that I talked about that and it’s called, Value: Do you feel valuable? But right now, let’s get back to the money. Why do you want more money? Well, if you want more money to be somebody, if you want more money to prove your value, your worth and your importance, don’t do what I did and waste your time. Please don’t because you won’t do the job and you can see it in Hollywood. You can see it in other places. It doesn’t satisfy. Lots of money doesn’t satisfy. Money is not the issue.

Ask yourself why and if it’s because you want to be more valuable, important and worthy, then you need to look at things differently. Go back to that other video and really go around our website and really check stuff because we’re going to get to the root of these issues. If you need more money and you want more money not to be somebody but to really pay more … You pay bills, take care of your kids’ college education, to take better care of your life and your family, well, then you’re at the right place listening now. Give me this time and we’ll dig into it.

One of the keys to having more money that I found is if we will do what God has called us to do, he said that we will prosper. We will prosper. We will have money if we do what God tells us to do. Why? Because God knows what we want, what satisfies us. We’ll never be satisfied if we don’t do the work that God has called us to do. That’s the first step. Now, what happens if you’re on a job that you don’t like? You’re not going to make a lot of money, it’s just not going to happen. What we need to do is go ahead and recognize that if we’re going to have more money, we’re going to need to have the right job.

Now, for in the wrong job, what do we do? Well, you don’t quit tomorrow. You start praying and saying, “God, I don’t like my job. I don’t like what I’m doing. Please help me get into the job that you have for me. I think I chose the wrong job.” That will really get you into a position where you will be on your way. That’s the first step. Now, if you’re in a job you love, then you’re in the great job and that’s going to be really, really good. The key to having money is not to let money have you. Here let me say that again. The key to having money is not to let money have you. What’s the best way to do that? What does God say? “Give me the first fruits of all your labor and I will open the storehouse.” In Haggai, that’s what it says, “I will open the storehouse and pour you out a blessing there’ll not be room enough to receive it.”

Well, what is God saying? “Give me the first fruits. Give me the 10 percent.” Now, you are saying, “But that’s Old Testament.” No, Abraham was told to give the 10 percent to Melchizedek that’s before the Old Testament, before the time of Abraham, before the law was laid down. Also, in 2 Corinthians 9:8, it says, “That we don’t give grudgingly but we give out of a cheerful heart. We give as worship unto God.” He gave us the money and we want to have money, we better understand that God gives and he can take. I’ve been on both sides of that and what I can say to you is please, worship him with at least the first 10 percent and you can’t out-give God, just remember that.

The other thing is you can’t get into too much debt. Now, I’m going to get a little practical here with you because it’s very, very important. If you’re giving to God, if you’re in the right job, you’re on your way but don’t get too much debt. I got too much debt. I had to file bankruptcy. You know why? I had over a million dollars of debt. I was wanting to be somebody so bad I couldn’t make decisions about money. I got in real debt. I had to file bankruptcy. I had to start over again. It was very humbling but please, don’t get into too much debt. If you got credit card debt, oh, man, that will eat your lunch.

What you want to do is if you got a lot of credit card debt, either find out about filing bankruptcy. It’s different today. In my day, you could wipe it all out. Today, the banks have got it so you can’t wipe it out. At least, I don’t believe you can. Go to a credit agency, a consumer credit agency. There’s Christian groups that do this and you can really get some help to consolidate your debt and it won’t continue to eat your lunch and you can start to pay it off. It’s really important to be debt free, if you can do that. Payment on a house is not too bad but if you can be debt-free, that’s even better.

You’ve got to have a budget. You’ve got to have a budget. You got to know what your income is and what your expenses are. There’s fixed expenses like a car payment, a house payment and then there’s non-fixed expenses like groceries and gasoline and other things like that. One of the wealthiest men of the United States, John D. Rockefeller always gave 10 percent to his church and he saved 10 percent and he always had savings. It’s a good idea to have six months of savings in the bank. It’s not a good idea. It’s a necessity. Really try to save. It’s vitally important.

In Colossians 3:23 and 24, it says, “Work as unto the Lord. Do your work as unto the Lord.” That’s critical. If you don’t work as unto the Lord, you’re going to be griping and remember, God doesn’t like us to gripe. He wants us to be thankful and grateful because he’s a good God and he has good things for us. Then, let me tell you something. The fastest way to really get more money is to ask God. Pray. Say, “God, help me to find a need. God, give me some ways to help people meet their needs.” Whenever you help people meet their needs, you know what? You will get paid.

People will pay you to help them to solve problems. I’ve got 15 videos on this website and you can come to joystones.org if you’re seeing this on some other video player. Come to joystones.org, I got 15 different videos that are going to help you to do what? Find out what problems are and undoing it for free because I’m in ministry. I just want to help you. I just want you to not perish for a lack of knowledge. If you will pray, God will show you what you can do to help people meet their needs and when you know what to do to help people meet their needs, you’re going to get paid.

If you want to help people with their health, if you’re in that field, find a way that you can get paid through a network marketing company or some other way and you will get paid. Find a way to go online and get different ways to get paid by helping people meet their needs. A lot of people don’t have time to shop, so they go on eBay and they shop. They go on different sites and you can help them if you know what they need. Pray and ask God what they need. I’m going to finish up here by just talking to you for a minute here or two: Why people don’t have enough money?

They’re at the wrong job. I’m going to summarize what I’ve talked about. They’re at the wrong job. They’re at a job that has a ceiling. You know what? I always wanted to work for myself because I had no ceiling. My ceiling was me. If you’re in a job that has no advancement possibilities, pray and ask God for a new job. You know what? There’s an old saying, if you spend too much money, you won’t have enough money for the end of the month. You’ll end up not having enough money. “Too much month, not enough money,” is the saying.

You’ve got to be able to, within your budget, service your debt. That’s why debt is dangerous. Credit cards are dangerous. I do not use credit cards. I use a debit card. Why? Because then I always know. We’re told that they’ll pay us 2 percent to use the credit? You know what? You get that bill in the mail and say, “What? I didn’t think I bought this.” That’s what happens to me so I quit using them except when I know that I can … Like a flight or something like that.

If you don’t give to God, don’t expect to be blessed financially if you’re Christian because it’s not going to work. If you try to have money to be somebody, it won’t work. You’ll just spend it in the wrong way. You’ll get into too much debt like I did. I’ve already done this and you can learn from me. What I want you to do is to recognize that you can have more money. I can show you how to have more money and this is just a brief introduction because there’s a lot more. If you’ll just give us your email address, then we will get out some more information to you. We want to help you have a great life, a prosperous life and abundant life, and that means an abundant life financially.