The Biblical Basis of Soul Redemption®

What we want to look at is, I can’t get into the very specifics, but let me tell you that it was a large rectangle. There was a gate. There was only one way into the Tabernacle and that gate was the only way in. Once you went in, there was the place where the people brought their animals for sacrifice. In that sacrifice there was a brazen altar and the brazen altar was where the sacrifice was made. It was a mound lifted up. The application is that Jesus is the only way into the relationship with the Father and the altar of sacrifice was where he was sacrificed on Golgotha and lifted up so that he might be able to draw all men.

There was a sacrifice, but they sacrificed bulls and goats and they had to do it every year and they had to do it for the sins of the people. That’s called the outer court and then there’s the inner court. The inner court was called the Holy Place. So, the Holy Place had two specific articles of furniture or articles that were necessary. One was the candlestick on one side of the Holy Place and the other was the table of showbread.

One of the things that is so vitally important to recognize is the truth of the candlestick being the only place where light was in the Holy Place. So, the only light that the priests who entered in once a year could come into was from the candlestick. Jesus is the center part of the candlestick and then there’s six others on each side, three on each side. But that was the only light. Well, Jesus is the light. If we don’t have Jesus as our light, then we’re going to stumble in the darkness. The priests would have stumbled in the darkness, but there was the candlelight. It really was the light of Jesus shining on the showbread.

The showbread was 12 loaves of bread that were put on a table and the priest would eat the bread once every seven days and then replace it. That was the Sabbath. He would eat it on the Sabbath and replace it. Of course, who is the bread of life? That’s Jesus. So, you see how God told Moses to make the Tabernacle in representation of what Jesus was going to do for us?

The only way into the Holy of Holies was through the Holy Place. The Holy of Holies was a room in which the Ark of the Covenant was and God was there. God was there and the problem was there was a veil. There was a very thick veil that separated God from sinful man. Now, the priests could go in if the priest did all these things that God required him to do, the priest could go in once a year, make atonement for the people. That’s how Holy God could dwell among unholy people or sinful people.

One of the things you need to know, just real quick here, is that the veil when Jesus died on the cross, the veil was rent from the top to the bottom. It only could have been done by God because it was 60 feet high and it was very thick. So, God did that. Why did he do that? He wanted to let everybody know from then on out that everyone, no matter who they were, every human being could have a relationship with God because of what Jesus did at the cross. Of course, it has to be through Jesus, but now God was accessible.

What we’re going to look at is, okay, what does the model tell us about … That’s some of the spiritual application … What does the model tell us about the soul-ish application, in particular, Soul Redemption? Well, look at it this way. We have the candlelight and the showbread. They’re on opposite sides. What we can say is that the candlelight is the revealed knowledge or

[rhema 00:07:13] of God and the showbread is the logos of God.

The logos of God is the written Word of God. It’s the written Word of God in its totality. It is inspired. It is to be looked at in its entirety, but then when we have an opportunity to have the Holy Spirit actually illuminate and bring to life the Word for our practical application, that’s called revealed knowledge. Let me give you an example. Jesus said it this way. He came into the coast of Caesarea in Philippi and he said to the disciples, “Who do men say that I am?” They said, “That you’re John the Baptist. You’re Elijah,” and some other people. And Jesus said, “But who do you say that I am?” Peter piped up as Peter often did and said, “You’re the Christ. You’re the son of the living God.” And he said, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, because flesh and blood has not revealed this to you. Man did not reveal this to you.”

Who revealed it to Peter? “My father who is in heaven. And upon this rock.” Rock? Rock of what? Rock of revealed knowledge. Not upon Peter. He’s a man, but the revealed knowledge, “I’ll build my church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.” Nothing Satan can do can prevail against revealed knowledge. It is a powerful powerful force for us to have God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, revealed to us what the Word says to us in our hearts and it is life changing.

Look at is this way. If the table of showbread is the logos of the Word, we can look at that and say, okay, the logos is the false-explanations coming from the knowledge of good and evil from the left side of our brain. The rhema is the experience and we believe lies because the left side of our brain always misinterprets every painful childhood event, every painful event in our lives. It misinterprets every event, but particularly painful events.

So, what do we need to do? With Soul Redemption, we need to get into the Holy of Holies. Who’s in the Holy of Holies since the veil has been rent from top to bottom? Jesus is available to us. The Father’s available to us, but in this case it’s Jesus because he can take us back to that memory of that painful childhood experience and he can give us what? Rhema, a new revelation of who He says that we are. That revelation, that new truth of who He says we are, will always change what we believe is a lie. That is life changing. Soul Redemption is life changing.

If you want to know more about Soul Redemption, click on it on the website, but also go to the testimonies about Soul Redemption. It’s life changing.

Then we go to the other model. The other model is that you either build your house on sand, which I liken to lies. Okay, you build your house on sand, when the wind and the waves come up, the circumstances of life, the problems of life, it’s going to fall. And most people’s house are built on sand. They’re built on lies. And so, we have divorce [this is great 00:11:03] in the body of Christ as it is, it may be even somewhat higher than in the world. We have problems with finances. We have problems with all kinds of issues of addiction and this and that and all this stuff happening to Christians. Pornography is huge with men and there’s lots of problems. Well, where do those problems come from? They come from the lies that we believe. The sand we build our house on. The lies come from painful childhood experiences.

But if we build our house on the rock, what did I say the rock was? The rock is revealed knowledge. If when Jesus comes in and changes a lie to truth, then we end up with our house being built on a rock. What is going to happen is we are not going to be in great pain. Our house isn’t going to fall. Our family’s aren’t going to fall apart. Our finances are going to work. Everything is going to work better when we don’t believe lies. When lies have been changed to truth through this process called Soul Redemption which I have trademarked the name because I wanted to protect it because God gave it to me and other people have other types of things that happened, but this really is powerful and I wanted to give you the Biblical understanding of Soul Redemption.

What ends up happening is because of these two Biblical examples, we have a way to be able to say there’s a Biblical basis for Soul Redemption and Jesus wants it, I believe, for us more than we do because it changes everything in our life when we don’t believe lies.

Now, if you want more information about Soul Redemption, about this process, then please come to the website, if you’re on Vimeo or YouTube, then come to the website It’s not up right now, but it will be by the first of the year of 2017 here. There’s plenty of information on it. But if you really want to know about Soul Redemption for yourself, then please, come to the website. Leave your email and we’ll get back to you. Tell us you want information about Soul Redemption for yourself and we’ll talk to you about that. We’ll get in touch with you because Soul Redemption is Jesus’ way of being able to heal the lies that we believe and that’s what we want because we all want better lives. We all want to have a life that’s based on truth instead of lies. Instead of lies we want a life that’s based on truth instead of lies.