Benefits of Soul Redemption®

Briefly what ends up happening is that when a lie is changed to truth by Jesus, he takes us back in a memory. A memory that he wants to take us back to that we are asking him to change. The facilitator is asking him to change a memory that this person has in which they were believing lies. That memory was a painful childhood experience, and it has caused the person to believe something about themselves that’s not true.

Jesus takes them back, changes the truth, and then what happens is they experience the pain first, just for a short few seconds. Less than a minute in most cases, and what happens is they go to perfect peace. Why? Because they see a truth of what Jesus does or says or impresses them, and it changes their life forever. Now, I am going to read a list of benefits. I’m going to walk you through the benefits of Soul Redemption®, because the benefits are enormous. Read More

First of all, it’s permanent. The change is permanent. When a lie is changed by a new experience from Jesus, what happens is that lie no longer exists. It’s wiped out. When that lie no longer exists, it’s permanent. We don’t have to maintain it. We don’t have to confess it. We don’t have to do anything about it. It’s changed. It’s permanent. One of the other things that happens is that we end up going to peace. That peace that passes all understanding occurs. I’ve seen this happen in scores of times, it’s really  important.

I’m going to share with you now 10 important benefits of Jesus changing lies to truth through soul redemption. I trademarked the name because it’s such an important part of the plan for the healing of the body of Christ. So few people know about it that I wanted it to be information that would set the captives free. We’re all captives to lies. We all believe lies.  It’s not just Satan has sown these lies in our souls, and as babies, infants, toddlers and small children, because of our parents. What happens is we need to get those out. We need to have those lies dealt with, and when we do, we go to perfect peace. Isn’t that a neat thing?

We come to a place where we realize once we’re in peace, and the lie has been dealt with, that we are going to have less pain. Are you excited about that? Less emotional pain. When we have less emotional pain, the next thing that’s going to happen is we’re going to have less fear. Why? Because we’re all afraid, like Adam and Eve were, of more pain. Adam and Eve hid in the trees. Why? Because they thought god was going to punish them for disobeying him. He didn’t. That was a misinterpretation by the way. That was a faulty judgment put there by the knowledge of good and evil. Controlled by the enemy. We fear more pain. But we’re going to have less pain, so we’re going to have less fear. If we have less fear, what’s the opposite of fear? Love.

We’re going to be able to love ourselves more. Our god. We’re going to be able to love god more, and we’re going to be able to love our neighbors more. Why? Because we’re going to have more love. We’re going to fulfill the great commission. Well, isn’t that exciting? We’re also going to have more trust. Why? Because when we have less fear, and Jesus comes and he does this over and over again like I’ve experienced, I end up trusting god more. Why? Because I know the truth. The truth sets me free like the bible tells me.

I’m going to have fewer emotional upsets, because I’m not believing lies. Remember, triggers, emotional triggers, are a gift from god to let us know that we’re believing lies. That’s all they are. But they can be really hard. My wife and I had major issues because of what happened to us in our childhoods. I would trigger. I would get angry. She would shut down. Go to sleep. I mean, it was bad. We almost got a divorce over it. Aren’t we glad? Yes we are, and you can be glad too. This is phenomenal, and it’s very very exciting.

When we have less pain, we also have less need for what I call painkillers. What are painkillers? Painkillers are anything that takes us out of our pain. What does that? Well, drugs, sex, alcohol, any … Over working. Anything that takes us away from the pain. Food. How about chocolate ladies? Yes. All that will take us out of our pain. But guess what? When we .. After the whatever we do to take us out of our pain, we still have pain. Yes we do. Oh my. It doesn’t really work does it? That’s what Satan wants. He wants us going around and around in more and more pain because we feel guilty then because of the things that we’ve done.

How many ladies feel guilty when they eat chocolate? Or too much food? Oh my gosh. It’s amazing. The other thing that’s going to happen, very quickly, instantaneously is when Jesus changes the lie about our value to truth, we’re going to be more valuable. If we’re more valuable then you and I won’t have to spend … I spent 55 years of my life trying to prove I was valuable, important, and worthy. It didn’t work, so let me tell you, it can’t work. Why? It’s based on a lie.

The reality to this is, we live in a false reality. Isn’t that something? We live in a false reality. We are in pain unless we get the lies changed that caused the pain to a truth, so we have more value. We don’t need to prove our value anymore. I spent 55 years trying to prove it, couldn’t do it. You don’t need to do what I did for so long. Why? Because your value is going to rise. We’re going to have a more godly … Right now we have a motivation. I had a motivation. You had a motivation to prove your value, your worth and important. You try to make more money. You work too hard. You try to become powerful. You try to do a lot of things to prove your value your worth and your importance.

Well, you don’t have to do that because the lies are being dealt with, and changed. What happens is you have a more godly motivation. That motivation can be more pure. When it’s more pure, you’re going to be able to hear god better. Isn’t that exciting? Your going to have a more clear identity. That’s another one of the benefits. A more reality. Let me say it that way, of who you are. If you have a reality of who you are, then what you’re going to do is you’re going to be more mature. If you’re more mature, what I mean by that is emotionally mature, you’re going to end up having better relationships.

Oh my gosh, much better relationships. If you have much better relationships with god, with your wife and your kids, and your neighbors, life gets better, and then you can experience that abundant life that I talked about so much on this website, which is spirit, soul, body, and relational financial amazing results. That’s the abundant life Jesus talked about in John 10:10. We end up in a situation where we have more peace and joy and comfort. More peace, joy comfort and satisfaction.

We don’t … Let me tell you my story. It’s real quick. I’ll tell you that when I believed all the lies that I believed, because the way I was raised was with a lot of psychological pain. I was abused psychologically. I was abused physically too, but much more abused psychologically so I hated myself as I said. Well, what ended up happening is that the things that I believed, because of that I kept reading the bible that I could have peace and joy, but I didn’t have it. I was a Christian. I’ve been a Christian for over 35 years. I didn’t have peace, joy and satisfaction. Wasn’t there. I kept wondering, why wasn’t it there? After Jesus came and changed the lies to truth, I had peace joy and satisfaction and you will too. You absolutely will.

Finally, believing less lies, excuse me, don’t want to believe more lies. We are going to be more and more the people that god created us to be. If we’re more and more of the people that god created us to be, this is how we work at our church, Joy Stone’s fellowship. You know what? Our stated goal in our vision, you can go back to the about us section and read about it, our stated goal in our vision and mission statement is to help people become more the people they were created to be. Everybody at our church is becoming more the person they were created to be because they’re dealing with lies, and it’s exciting. If you are more the person you are created to be, then you can do … We be before we do more of what you were created to do. Isn’t that exciting?

Well, you know what? I’ve given you 10, there are more, but I’ve given you 10. Major benefits from soul redemption. Jesus changing lies to truth. Now if you believe as you hear these that these are too good to be true, let me tell you, I’ve experienced them. People at our church have experienced lies becoming truth, and it’s life changing. I have done this, like I said, over close to 1000 times, and I’m going to tell you, every single time a person’s values rises, they go to peace and their life is changed, because every lie that’s dealt with changes their life. If you want a better life, then you need to do what? Give us your email.

Let us know that you want more information about soul redemption. If you are on the … Excuse me. Not on the website, but you’re looking at Vimeo or if you’re looking at YouTube, then you need to come to, and see what we’re doing. That is very important. This is the key. You can have a great life. An amazing life because you have let us help you. We’re trained. We have trained specialists. We have let us help us to become more the person you were created to be by Jesus changing your life, your life to truth.