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36 Week Basic Truth Series



Re-parenting Process Training
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One of the most neglected areas of personal development for Christians and others is in the soul or emotional realm. Every living person has experienced varying degrees of trauma that have caused emotional wounding. Unless they are addressed, the effects of trauma continue to cause personal problems and can destroy relationships. By successfully completing this Re-Parenting group member training, you will better understand the foundational concepts of group dynamics. You will learn why a group is so effective in bringing permanent emotional healing to individual group participants. Pastor Frank and his wife Rosalinda have more than 15 years of group facilitation experience and have distilled the most effective techniques to bring about this highly effective process of healing the roots of emotional wounding thus bringing about greater emotional well-being.

Soul Redemption ® Specialist Training
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For those of you who have experienced Soul Redemption® for yourselves and have seen the amazing healing of lies that Jesus does in the process, you can become trained by Pastor Frank and his staff to be able to become a Soul Redemption® specialist. The first step is to get the training manual and  pass the course as you demonstrate sufficient knowledge fo the overall process. Then you will be invited to come to Lake Forest, California for hands on training on how to lead a Soul Redemption® session. Once you have shown the ability to be able to lead a person through the Soul Redemption® process with a trainer sitting in the sessions then you will become a Soul Redemption Specialist. As a Soul Redemption® Specialist you will be able to lead your own SR sessions with people who need to deal with the lies they believe about themselves. If you have not experienced the Soul Redemption® process, where Jesus changes the lies you believe into His truth, I want you to know that it will change your life. If you would like to know more about this amazing process then please leave your e-mail address by pushing the Want Help? button. When you do please tell us that you want more information about Soul Redemption® and we will get back to you and help you learn more about this life changing process.


Eating Ourselves to Death
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Eating Ourselves to Death is a book written by Rosalinda Lewis ND; CNHP and her husband Frank Lewis. The Surgeon General of the United States Kenneth P. Moritsugu stated that “90 million Americans cannot understand basic health information”. Many people do not understand that they can have some control and even overcome many chronic illnesses simply by making basic changes in what they eat and drink. If you are one of the 90 million who need help understanding what the pieces are to the puzzle of good health then this book is for you.

God’s Herbs for You
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God’s Herbs for You is Rosalinda Lewis’ health ministry website that is currently under construction. Rosalinda is a Naturopathic Doctor who is co author of the user friendly health book Eating Ourselves to Death. Previous to co-authoring the health book Rosalinda had a health show on KBRT Christian radio for two years in which she taught  many of the subjects covered in Eating Ourselves to Death. Rosalinda will have very helpful information on her website and the opportunity to have your health questions answered by her through e-mail. If you want to know about natural alternatives that have no side effects that many times can take the place of drugs that have serious side effects, then you will want to go to her website when it is launched. If you will provide us your e-mail and ask us to let you know when God’s Herbs for You is fully functional we will do that for you.



Certified Group Facilitator Training
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In this audio and video teaching my wife Rosalinda and I teach a Bible study group each of the necessary parts of the Re-Parenting process that she and I have used in our church and groups for over 15 years. Rosalinda and I went through extensive group facilitator training in a prior church we attended. We both were group facilitators for 10 years at that church. During that time and later, Holy Spirit has added to our understanding of how a properly run group of safe Christian people can actually and permanently help a person heal from their painful childhood  experiences and emotional trauma using what we call the Re-Parenting process. We named this process the Re-Parenting process because if the group is properly overseen and the people feel safe the emotional healing is almost miraculous. We have found that for the Re-Parenting group to give us what we never received as children, it has to have a person, a facilitator, that will keep the group safe, no fixing or telling people in the group what to do. We have this course available for those of you who would like to become trained in how to facilitate a Re-Parenting group. If you would like more information about this course then leave your e-mail and ask for information about Re-Parenting Group Facilitator Training.