Since the beginning of time men have desired to know what women want. Men have often times been consumed with knowing what women want. They think to themselves if I could just know once and for all what my wife or girlfriend really wants my life would be so much better and so much easier. This has been an ongoing quest for men. In fact there was a movie with Mel Gibson titled What Women Want. This in- depth teaching series delves into a much more important question? What is it that every woman really needs not just wants? God created women to need one thing more than any other thing. By the way this course is not just for men to learn what all women need it is also for women to know what God created them to need. Men also want and need the same thing they just don’t know that they do. In this teaching series Pastor Frank Lewis and his lovely wife Rosalinda discuss their marriage relationship with transparency, openness and honesty. To view the subjects they discuss click here.

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