Before the Fall, God and Adam had a perfect relationship. After the Fall Genesis 3:10 tells us that Adam was afraid so he hid from God. He was never afraid before but after he disobeyed God he was afraid of punishment. When he lost his perfect relationship with God it caused great pain because it was as If God had died. We were not created by God to ever experience pain so we don’t handle physical or emotional pain well. Satan sets us up to get pain from our parents as children because he knows that we won’t trust parents who bring us pain. He uses pain to keep us in fear of more pain and by doing this he influences our lives and we are not able to trust God. This 16 part audio Teaching Series helps a person to better understand the power of pain to bring cause us to live in fear and shame and how it affects every area of our lives. To see the subjects discussed click here.

14 Audios