This audio course, 25 sessions long, is one of the most in depth teachings on the different aspects of relationships that I have ever found. I hope that you will find the information that is in this course extremely enlightening and helpful. This course delves into the reality of what lack of attachment means and how each of us are affected for the rest of our lives when our parents don’t properly attach with us. In fact the lack of proper attachment will determine for a very large part who we marry, the kind of job we do and how successful we will be in all of our relationships and raising children. I also teach from personal experience and my research about the need for personal boundaries and co-dependency in our relationships and why it is so hard for all of us to have inner contentment. This course will not only bring new light to problems in relationships it will provide solutions and answers of what you can do to have much more successful relationships. To view the subjects discussed in this series click here.

25 Audios