TV Programs

Pastor Frank Lewis of JoyStones Fellowship has a weekly Television program called Healing the Soul which can be seen weekly for one half hour on Healing the Soul airs on Mondays at 7:00 AM, 10:00, 1:00, 4:00, 7:00 and 10:00 Pacific Standard Time. After each TV program airs the programs are then put up on this website so they can be seen by anyone who missed the airing of these programs.

Pastor Frank shares the importance and need for each of us to pursue the healing of our souls. John the Apostle said in 3John2 that the healing of our souls was the key to us prospering in our bodies and our fiancés. Pastor Frank believes that when there is healing of our soul that we can prosper and be blessed in 5 key areas. These are Spirit, Soul, Body, Relationally and Financially. Healing of our souls will also put us in a position where we can have the Fruits of the Spirit and Godly character.

Pastor Frank further illustrates through the Wheel, which you can see on the home page, how we are controlling our own lives on the rim instead of letting God guide everything we do. Pastor Frank shows viewers very clearly how satan has put everyone on the rim and even in an emotional prison.

Pastor Frank has spent over 20 years studying human behavior and he brings a unique Christian perspective to what satan has done to all of us and what God wants you to know so you can get your soul healed. When your soul is more healed you will be more the person that God created you to be and you will be more capable of doing what God created you to do.

We hope you will receive the revelation knowledge that Pastor Frank shares with you on his weekly television program Healing the Soul. If this program really blesses you please tell others about Healing the Soul that they can see on Mondays on