Ways to Change False Beliefs

One of the interesting things is that’s may be one of the reasons why Jesus had to be born of a virgin, because he didn’t have the knowledge of good and evil and that’s really critical. Because the knowledge of good and evil really causes us problems because we believe things about ourselves when we experience pain, in our childhood. When we experience painful childhood events we ended up believing things that weren’t true. Why? Because our left side of our brain, with the influence of the knowledge of good and evil, made those explanations inaccurate and wrong, all of our judgments were wrong. Maybe that’s why Jesus said “Don’t judge.” Well, I found out, practically speaking good judgments are always wrong about people, about things. Why? Because they always come through the screen of our painful childhood events, so I can see why Jesus said that.

We need to recognize that we cannot, no person can change a lie that was set up by the left side of our brain through the knowledge of good and evil, by a new explanation. Explanations don’t change explanations. That’s the way God wired our brains. It’s the truth and I don’t have time to go into in now. However, brain scientists tell us this and experience tells us this truth. The experience I’ve had practically I have done over a thousand times seeing people’s left side of their brains actually change the lies to truth. With Jesus, with groups and all the things I’m going to talk to you about here in just a minute. Read More

One of the things that we got to realize is new experiences changes the lies we believe and that’s how God set it up. Let’s cooperate with God. Let’s have lots of new experiences. Just as an aside I’m going to tell you, you can see it over on About Us, that’s why we call Joy Stones Joy Stones. Why? Because stones are new experiences, that’s what God told Jacob to set up, and stones, new experiences always bring us joy when they’re Godly new experiences. Isn’t that cool? That’s why we call it Joy Stones Fellowship.

What we need to do is we need to recognize if we have new experiences we are going to be in a great place. We’re going to be having new truth and new truth will set us free. It will actually change our lives. How do we get new experiences? Well the first thing that I tell people when they come to Joy Stones and they really mean business and they want to be more the people God created them to be, I tell them to pray this prayer: “God, I want to fulfill my call and I will do whatever it takes to fulfill my call.” Well what that does is that gives God now the opportunity to help people to understand the false reality they’ve been living in, the pain they’ve been living in, the stuck place they’re in and it helps them to not keep going around the mountain by using painkillers, sex, drugs, alcohol, food, too much work. We’ve got infinite number of ways to kill pain, but it doesn’t take us anywhere. God now helps us to become more aware and it gives us new experiences.

I also pray every day of my life that I want to experience Jesus or the Father or Holy Spirit giving me new experiences during the day. I’m having a new experience because I’m on the radio right now telling you from what I have before me, but what I have before me God’s giving me even as I don’t even look at it. Why? Because it’s for you to be anointed, to be life changing and to make a difference in your life.

Those are two that we talk about, the other one that we talk about you can learn more about, I can’t go into the depth but I’ll go briefly into it, is re-parenting. It’s on the main menu because it’s such an important part of everything that we do. We believe in re-parenting process. What’s the re-parenting process? Well first of all, we didn’t get what we needed as children, and what we didn’t get what we needed as children, what do we have to do? We’ve got to get what we didn’t get. What didn’t we get that we get through the pre parenting process? We get, first of all, because we set it up in a structured, safe group of Christian people, like minded people, we set it up so it’s safe. No fixing allowed. No telling anybody else what to do. What happens is we encourage people to feel. You weren’t encouraged to feel as a child, I’m sure.

Second of all, we listen to people. We listen intently. When anybody’s listened to, most people aren’t even as they go about their relationships, most people are not listened to. Wives are not listened to by their husbands, kids are not listened to by their parents. What happens? Our value rises. Thirdly, we go ahead and we mirror. We reflect back to the person what we heard them say in this safe group. You can also do this, you can learn to do this in all your relationships but you’ve got to have practice and you’ve got to have knowledge and so we have that available for you.

The other thing that happens is when we tell a person what we’ve just heard them say, it opens up for emotional connection. Behavioral scientists tell us that causes emotional connection. That’s a good thing, right? Most people have never been emotionally connected to. The last thing that we do is when the heart opens up a little bit, because of an emotional connection, a safe one, what ends up happening is we fill it with validation, unconditional love, acceptance and approval. That’s the reparenting process and you can learn more about it. You an also give us your email and tell us “I want more, I want to learn about this. I want to have more information.”

The other thing that happens is that we end up having a way to be able to write down, we teach people. I’ve been doing this for 15, gosh almost 18 years now, teaching people how to hear from God. If you don’t hear from God, you can hear from God. I have a video on that on the spirit part of the website, but I will tell you you can hear from God, but what’s really exciting is to know not only can you hear from God but you can write down what God says. When you do, if you do that, I learned from a backup too, that if we’ll write the vision God will see to it that we have a new experience. We have a great result.

Why is it important to write what God says? It’s important to write whatever God says, and the way I do it is I say “God, what would you like to say to me today?” I shut my mouth and I write. I’m going to tell you something, it’s very easy to differentiate between what God says and what Satan would say to me. Satan’s the accuser of the brother and God only builds me up, only tells me good things about me and I know it’s not me because I don’t believe those things about me. God, when I first started doing this, writing down what God said, He kept saying “I love you.’ Every time I started it He said “I love you.” I kept saying “Well, why do you want to tell me that?” He said “One day you’ll believe it.” I said “Okay, that’s good enough for me.”

What ends up happening is we have new experiences when God speaks to us and we write it down. We can always go back and look at it. We can take it to somebody we trust that really knows stuff and he can say “Hey was this me or God?” and they’ll say “Probably it was God” because God really wants to speak with us. He really wants intimacy with us. This is a way to change what we believe and it will change into a new truth and it’s very, very exciting.

I’m looking at my list here and what we want to do is talk for a minute about soul redemption. I have a whole video on soul redemption. Go to the menu page when you’re on the website JoyStones.org and click on soul redemption. It’s very, very exciting. When Jesus changes what we believe about ourselves to a new truth. It always brings peace, it always brings joy and it brings great satisfaction. If you don’t have that in your life, you need to know about soul redemption. All of these are changing what we believe, and so Jesus gives us a new experience. Another way to be able to have, when Jesus does it I tell you it changes the light of truth and it’s fabulous.

We also use role playing. My wife and I, my wife who had a drama team when she was at her church, a former church way back when she was younger, and what happened is she became aware that we believe things like in a movie. You start sweating, your heart starts beating faster. Why? The brain can’t tell what is really going on in a movie. It’s real to the brain, and so when it’s real we need to recognize that role playing will make a huge opportunity for us.

One of the things I’m interested in and my wife and I are interested in, and the people of Joy Stones are interested in is helping you. We know that people believe lies. We know that people believe things about themselves that aren’t true. It’s one of the reasons why we never judge. We don’t judge at Joy Stones. If you come in and you’re all tatted up and you are on drugs, that’s not the issue. If you come in and you’re sleeping with someone, you know we realize that’s a painkiller. That’s not the issue. You know if you’re an angry person like I was, that’s not the issue. The real issue is what we believe about ourselves. The real issue, the base root issue are lies that we believe about ourselves.

We have, I’ve given you four or five here, there’s many more. We have perfected this. We know what we’re doing and so if you want to know about ways to change what you believe to new truth and through new experiences then please, we beg you, leave your email address and tell us you want to know how to change lies to truth. You want to knew about these ways. If you’re on video or YouTube and you’re just seeing this, come to JoyStones.org and look up under the truth, ways to change lies to truth. What will happen is that you’re going to find out there’s a whole website here to help you. As my wife and I say in the introduction, we want to walk the road with you. We want to be there with you and we are excited about you having a new life and so please come and give us your email and let us help you have a great new life.