December 1, 2017

This is a profound question and one which needs to be answered. Because If we are all living in a prison and we don’t even know that we are, that could be devastating.

What is this prison that I am talking about?  This prison is not an actual prison cell but it is as real as any prison that you can imagine. What I am talking about is an emotional prison that all human beings are driven into by what happened to them as babies, infants, toddlers and small children.

When we are very small and sometimes even unborn in the womb, our parents caused us pain of some kind because satan as the God of this world set them up to do so. He is the God of this world and causes parents to do things that hurt their children because of their own unresolved emotional issues and emotional pain. Remember he told Jesus in Luke 4:5-6.that he had been given all the kingdoms of the world and all authority to do what he wants.. Who gave satan the authority that allowed him to be in control of the earth? Adam did by disobeying God. God gave dominion and authority to Adam in Genesis 1;28. Satan uses this authority to set parents up to cause their children pain because he knows that pain from parents will cause children to not trust their parents. Then satan reinforces painful situations against children that already can’t trust, causing them to be more untrusting and believe that they are not valuable, not important and not worthy. Remember satan is the god of this world and he is also the father of lies.

In my case I believed that I was not valuable, not important, worthless, defective and I even hated myself. These are the lies I believed. My father treated me as though he hated me. No father would treat his son the way I was treated unless he hated his son was my childhood experience. So like all children I couldn’t trust my parents. I certainly couldn’t trust God so I trusted myself and that is exactly what satan wanted me to do. Why? Because he knew that when I trusted myself because I feared more pain that he was able to put me in an emotional prison.

I was so afraid of more pain that I lived in fear most of my life. What was I afraid of? I was almost deathly afraid of being known. I was afraid of somebody finding out who I really was. Because I believed that if anyone knew who I really was that they would reject me and not want to be with me. So I lived in this emotion prison where I was so afraid to be the real me. For most of my life I hid behind a façade and a mask never letting anyone know the real me. I wasn’t who God created me to be. I didn’t trust God because I thought God was just like my father and he would punish me like my father did. Because I couldn’t trust God he couldn’t trust me so I was unable to fulfill my call. Because I was living in this emotional prison set up by satan I lived most of my life as a Christian never having peace, joy or satisfaction though the Bible promised me that I could have abundant peace and joy..

That is my story and it also might be similar to your story, because it is the plan of satan to put every child into an emotional prison. The god of this world, satan, does not know who will give their life to Jesus and become a Christian so he sees to it that the parents of all children bring pain to their children by physical abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, God forbid sexual abuse or neglect. If you have been neglected I have great compassion for you because you struggle with having value and mattering to anyone especially God.

satan knows how to use pain to cause painful childhood experiences for all innocent children. He knows how to reinforce pain until we are trapped and remain in an emotional prison because we are all so afraid of more pain. The key that unlocks the door to our prison is help from God and His people. Now you can see why satan sets parents up to bring pain to little kids. He knows that the only way out of the emotional prison he has put us all into is to reach out  to God and His people that we all have such a difficult time trusting.

Now do you see the problem that we all face and most people have no idea that this emotional prison even exists, let alone would most people even think about the fact that they are living inside of this emotional prison.

Well now you know and if you would like to know how to get out of this emotional prison then please leave your e-mail after clicking the Want Help? button and tell me you want to get out of prison. At JoyStones Fellowship as pastor, I help people get out of their emotional prison. I can help you also. God bless all of you.