The Fruit is Not the Root

It is very important as Christians that we understand when Jesus says, “Check the fruit,” he’s talk about false teachers. He’s talking about wolves in sheep’s clothing. He’s talking about false prophets. He’s not talking about judging our neighbor. He is saying;. the great commandment says we are to “Love our neighbor,” we don’t have to judge our neighbor, not to judge other Christians. He’s talking about what? He’s talking about the false teachers, and the false prophets, and for us to check their doctrine. Don’t go by what they do, don’t go by what they say, you know they may seem very successful. They may be on television, but they are maybe giving wrong doctrine. How are you going to know what right doctrine is? Well how do you know a counterfeit … How do bankers, tellers, know that the counterfeit $100 bill is counterfeit? You know what they do when they teach them? My wife was a teller at one time, she told me that she had to go through and feel, and deal with, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of $100 bills. Why? She learned what the real was so she wasn’t fooled by the counterfeit.

Well you and I have a responsibility to learn the Word, to learn sound doctrine, to take everything that we’re taught on television, or any place we go, and compare it, judge it, compare it, with the word of God. Does it line up? We’re not going to look at their success. We’re not going to look at their success. We’re not going to look at what they say. We’re not going to just hear with itching ears, tinkling ears, or whatever that statement is. We’re going to do what? We’re going to look at it.Ā  But that is not what I’m talking about today. What I am talking about today is different, because what we as Christians do is we judge people not doctrine. We look at people, and I’m going to talk a little bit about myself here, because I want you to realize that I am a pastor. I have responsibility for people, but I really, really, had a problem. I had a very serious problem. My problem was lying.

I was a liar. Well you could look at me, and you could say that my fruit of lying was really sinful, and it was, but I want to talk to you a little bit about how I became a liar. Bear with me here, because this is important for you, and it’s important for the people that you talk to, and the people that you observe. It’s very important to find out what the root is. What was the root of my lying? Well the root of my lying was that I had a father was a rageaholic. I had a father that I could never be secure with. I had a father that would pick fights at every dinner that I had when I was a young child, and as I came into adolescence, and even as a teenager. Every dinner was interrupted by my father picking a fight my sister, myself, or my mother. Not a great way to live, he would send us to our room and then he’d come down and yell and scream at me, at my sister and me.

What did that do for me? I am a pain avoider. Remember I told you, another section, I’m a pain avoider. You’re a pain avoider. We’re all pain avoiders. I didn’t want my father to continue to rage at me, so when things came up where I had to choice to tell the truth and get raged at, or I could lie and sweep it under the rug, and not get raged at, what do you think I chose? I chose to lie, so I became a liar. It was easier to tell a lie than it was to endure the pain, physical, and emotional pain, psychological pain, that my father put upon me because he was rageaholic. Because of the way that he was raised, because he never dealt with his emotional issues, your parents may be up in the same way. If they were, then you are doing things today just like I was doing things.

What has happened is that you are telling, and saying, things, either by pleasing people, or getting angry at people, or controlling people, or trying to manipulate people, to do what? To avoid pain. To get your way you think that’s the way. Well you’re looking for love in the wrong places. Guess what? That’s happened to me. When I came into my adulthood I ended up in situations where I would lie, because that’s what I learned to do to survive. You may lie about how you really feel about something, because you were never allowed to speak up. You were never allowed to be known, and to have your emotions be listened to, and mirrored back to you, and even validated. That’s the re-parenting process that we have, and you can see it right on the website. Back to my subject, what happened is I became a liar.

Now you could have said I was in sin, and I didn’t read my Bible enough, and I needed to get with God, and I needed to repent, and I did. I read my Bible. I repented, and I still lie. The reason I still lied is because of my childhood painful experiences. Now the way that I stopped lying was that I made a commitment before God, I didn’t want to do this any more. This was not productive for relationships. You can’t have a relationship with people if you lie. If you don’t tell people what you’re really feeling, you’re lying to them, you’re not having a relationship. I’m sorry to tell you that, but that’s the truth. If it hurts, I’m sorry. Come to our website, we’ll help you, but the bottom line to it is, is that I was not having good relationships because I was lying. I was also controlling, and a lot of other things, but what was the root? The root was fear.

I had to deal with the root. When I dealt with the root, I ended up bringing up my childhood experiences before a safe group of people, we call that a re-parenting group, and what happened is, is that I ended up having my value built up because people accepted me as a liar. They accepted me as a person who was in sin. Was I really in sin? Yes I was, but I had a root problem. The fruit is never the root, and so we’ve got to look at people differently. I ended up in this group, and what happened is they listened to me, and they validated me. We didn’t even know about Mary when I was going through this. My wife and I developed that. What ended up happening is I started to have some more value. Then I found out about that Jesus could change what I believed about myself through what I now call soul redemption. Jesus gave me the name, and I’ve been through it over 100, 150, times myself. Just because I was so messed up. I needed Jesus to change a lot of lies into his truth, and new experiences.

What happened is that I ended up believing less and less lies. When I believed less and less lies, guess what? I didn’t lie anymore. Because I wasn’t living in pain. I wasn’t living in the fear of having to be afraid of rage, and anger, and punishment. I thought God, because I put the face of my father on God, I have a video on that, end of the spirit section. I put the face of my father on God, so I thought God was going to punish me. Well the less lies I believed, I found out that God loved me. I knew I could read it, but that just goes in the left side. I experienced it, over, and over, and over, again.

If you want to experience it over, and over, and over, again, then you can come to our website, and you can find out about soul redemption. You can find out about the re-parenting method. You can actually have more value as you learn these tools that God has given us to be able to get lies dealt with that are the root of all of the problems that you see as a Christian, other people doing. Other people are addicted to drugs so what is that? They’re in sin. Other people addicted to pornography, other people are addicted sex, other people are addicted to all kinds of different things, alcohol, whatever. It’s all pain killing. Why do we need to kill the pain? Because of the lies we believe. We believe we’re not valuable, not important, and not worthy, defective, and really worthless. Why? Because we misinterpreted painful childhood events.

If Jesus can change the lies, or Jesus with skin on in a re-parenting group can change the lies to truth … Now, the re-parenting group will take a lot longer than the soul redemption process, but it still works. Both of them work. Why? Because love always changes and heals the broken heart. Jesus said, “The spirit of the Lord is upon me,” in Luke 4:18, “to heal the broken hearted.” Well can heal each other broken hearts by doing what? By listening, mirroring, and validating. If you want more information about that, then you need to do what? Give us your email, and tell us you want to get healed. While you’re doing that please look at your brothers and sisters, and instead of … We’re the only group that shoots our wounded. Please, don’t shoot anybody any more. Don’t judge them. There’s a root, it’s the same root you have, it’s the same root I have.

We don’t judge anybody at our church. We got people that are doing stuff, and we just love them. They get into the process, and as they get into the process their whole lives change, their relationships change with other people and with God. We find out that the root is where we need to deal. The root is the key to the whole thing. The root is the key to the whole thing. If you’re really wanting help, if you’re real wanting to know how to not be so judgmental, and how to be healed, then please look at the different parts of what we’ve put on the website about re-parenting, about soul redemption. Leave us your email, tell us that you want help. Tell us you want to know more about re-parenting, more about soul redemption. If you’re on Vimeo or YouTube, and you’ve seen this video, then come to the website,, and we are here to walk to the road with you.

As my wife and I say in the introduction, we want to help you. We want to walk the road with you. We want you to have a better life. Everybody in our church has a better life, better relationship with God, and now we are taking this out to people outside of our church, so that they can have a much better life. We want you to have a much better life, so we are here to help you.