Successful Parenting is an amazing course for parents who really want their children to get emotionally what they did not get from their parents. Through research and practical application this course will build a foundation of understanding of what not to do and what to do in practical applications with your children. These practical applications have a proven track record for a numbers of years. Successful Parenting is an in-depth teaching series by Kevin Hickman and Pastor Frank Lewis which is divided up into two parts. The first part has 7 sections which detail the problems that happen when children do not get the foundation of necessary bonding and attachment. There are sections that help each parent to understand what will happen to their child if the parent does not give their child the emotional nurturing and support in the way that each child needs. Parents will better understand how their child will suffer for the rest of their lives but especially in all their relationships if they don’t get what they need emotionally. The second section gives parents the tools that are necessary to learn so that they can give their child what they emotionally need. Most parents were never taught about the emotional needs of their child, so they don’t know what their baby, toddler, or their young child’s emotional needs are. This in-depth teaching will help parents to give their children what they have to have to be successful. If you are a parent and you would like to know more about the subjects discussed in the Successful Parenting series please click here. You can also leave your e-mail and tell us you want more information about questions you may have regarding Successful Parenting.

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